About SoLaure Bijou

Meet the Designer 

Hello, my name is Sophie.
Im the Owner and Designer behind SoLaure Bijou. I love to create quality handmade Jewelry for all the beautiful women in the world.

I was drawn to jewelry design after me and a couple of co-workers took on a beading class. In 2020 I decided to turn my jewelry making hobby into a new profession. SoLaure Bijou became my second buisness that I own. I take joy in jewelry making It's also therapeutic for me as well. I take pride in making beautiful peices. My mind started racing with so many idea's and God pour some ideas to mind as well my jewelry is made with time, love and passion.

My Inspirations & The Becoming of SoLaure Bijou

 SoLaure is a combination of my mother's name and my name. The word bijou is French heritage. The word bijou was curated from the French word jewels, bijou. 

I was raised by two strong women, my Mother alongside with my Grandmother. My mother who’s supported every endeavor that I’ve ever made. She has helped me out immensely. I’m extremely grateful and overly blessed to have such an amazing inspiration in my life. My grandmother planted the same love and support. Unfortunately I loss my Grandmother in 2017 from an unexpected loss, I took tragedy into triumph and created SoLaure Bijou. My dear Grandmother Marianna this is in your honor. Love you Grandma. 

Thank you for visiting my store. My gratefulness is endless. Thank you for shopping at SoLaure Bijou.